A sweet sensation and a good hustle have twined around RUNDAMENTAL. As we continue with the training for our first abroad race together, we are in a huge preparation and organization for Berlin Half Marathon. Some will run their first half marathon; some others will race in another country for the first time. Our marathon and half marathon experienced members will try to beat themselves upon their targeted finishing times. But to share this same experience together as RUNDAMENTAL crew, to make one of our favorite things “running in a city we love”, and keeping the unforgettable memories of spring time sightseeing in the streets of Berlin will be the most important.

Participating in Berlin Marathon may be a dream of any runner. Everybody is well aware of the best times of athletes and runners in Berlin. Once you run, you want to do it again. We all heard and read these stories. 49.000 people have participated during 2015 in this fascinating organization, famous with its totally flat route where the world records have broken and the time whole city turns into a festival place. We thought that the half marathon would be as lively as Berlin Marathon and we completed our registrations many months ago. This year 30.000 people will be running at this organization. Our heart beat goes high even when we are writing.

DSCF9615 (1)

We see Berlin Half Marathon not only as race but a source of motivation and joy just when we feel blue among the world news today. We are travelling all the way from Istanbul to Berlin for running so that we can breathe some fresh air, forget our stress and let cheerful power of sports warm us up. We are craving to run along the people’s cheering every square meter of 21K. We feel a lack in our country and we want to experience this feeling of excitement much other than running that nobody understood. We hope that running culture soon will grow in Istanbul and the world will want to come and run the city. We believe at this point that we have a mission and we are working hard to spread the culture, not only running, we strive to popularize the running culture.

Our custom designed logo for Berlin Half Marathon, printed on our privately selected race creation outfit by PUMA, photo shoot made by photographer friend of ours Sıla Yalazan, photo capture video we made during the shooting and then the playlist for the race consisting of exceptionally selected songs, on the other hand almost a week left to get the results of everyday training. Preparing the playlist, we got assistance from Plantronics runners model of BackBeat Fit Headphones and also from our partner Garmin Turkey during our running sessions. We received support from another partner of ours while running with Oakley Frogskins under the spring sun dazzled our eyes.




I am very excited to run my first half marathon. For a long time I’ve been training to run a half marathon. I have no goal but an enjoyable time and I wish to be a healthy competition. Running the marathon I will not forget to look around, keep smiling at the people and have a good time.


Besides 11 participating members of Rundamental crew to Berlin Half Marathon, we will have another participant from Austria. Vinzenz Saurer, our friend from Vienna, who has previously come to Istanbul and run with us, is also very excited just as we are, you can tell from the way he expresses his own feelings:

Vinzenz SAUER (Vienna)

Feeling good… Only 10 days left and I am getting more and more excited since the marathon weekend is coming closer and closer. As usual not everything went that well, due to a suffering from an inflammation in my left foot. But you know stuff happens! Thinking about spending a nice weekend with RUNDAMENTAL Crew, let me forget the pain and weeks of no training easily. Even though it is my first half marathon, I am not really nervous; it is kind of impatience for spending and exceptional weekend full of get-togethers and joy with RUNDAMENTAL Crew and friends.


We asked how they feel to everyone who will be running Berlin Half Marathon on behalf of our team…

Umuthan UYAN

Berlin will be the first half marathon that I run abroad. I had a tough and exciting preparation period since the day we decided to participate as a team. I’m sure I will never forget the moments with RUNDAMENTAL next to PBs!

Sema Ece TOKER

Running, no matter how much an individual sport, though, it makes sense to me with the city and the people you run with. This year, my first target race, I will run the half marathon in the city that I love “like home” together with my RUNDAMENTAL family. What else! : )


Marathon runners know the meaning of “The Wall” very well, a sign of fatigue. In addition to historical and unforgettable live atmosphere, this city has one of the best marathon audiences in the world upon its fully flat course. Hallo Berlin, we are not coming to hit “The Wall”, we are coming to exceed “The Wall” with RUNDAMENTAL!

Ansgar KIENE

While participating in the 15km of the 2015 Istanbul marathon I was following a group of runners wearing cool black jerseys displaying a screaming Panda as their logo. I memorized their name – RUNDAMENTAL Istanbul – in order to contact the team after the race. Since that day shortly after my move to Istanbul, I joined this fantastic running community. I’ve been running for ages, but always by myself. RUNDAMENTAL changed a lot: now I enjoy the company of running with friends through the city by night, trailing the forest on Sunday mornings and sweating together while pushing our limits at interval trainings. I immediately got hooked by the idea to jointly compete in the Berlin Half-marathon. Practicing for this event truly injected additional motivational energy. The gleeful anticipation of racing along cheering crowds through Berlin in spring made me endure running at 0 degree Celsius in Istanbul winter with pleasure. We embark on adventures, make friends and connect with the world via running. Berlin, we are coming!


For me, Berlin, being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with its architecture, both harmonies in its different cultures, as well as the unique energy of life. It is very very meaningful for me to run my first half marathon in the city that I came twice and become mad about. The texture of the city is well suited for that kind of people in organizations. That is one of the most important reasons to choose Berlin as my first half marathon. My primary goal is to finish the race less than 2 hours without any injury. My main goal is to approach as possible to the limit of 1 hour 50 minutes.


I started running 2 years ago and due to an injury of 8 months I was telling myself that I could never run again. That is just when I met RUNDAMENTAL and now this is my first official half marathon and a race abroad and beside me there is still RUNDAMENTAL. My single target is to pass the finish line with a smile as always.


The first time you run the half marathon, to do it in a city for the first time you visit with amazing people… All these firsts and because of people who are with me, Berlin Half Marathon is more than “only” running.



The act of running as company takes a special meaning with RUNDAMENTAL crew with whom I cross the line together with all my strength and go beyond by running my first half marathon in a race tempo on 3rd of April. It’s going to be an incredible experience!


I see running as the most beautiful form of meeting a new city. I will also meet Berlin while running. The city’s 21K road will be privately separated for us, as the late President Kennedy would not have been recognized this privileges.


First thing I must say, I started running a short time ago but it was a great chance for me to join this crew. Both technical and social content sharing is extremely satisfying. We are “not only running” here. The excitement is at the highest level for the Berlin Half Marathon. Finishing the race with very good time, I am planning to have fun very tight, Berlin, world capital!

“Running for Those Who Can’t” – Let WFL Target Runs Begin!

Hello everyone,

We as the crew RUNDAMENTAL are planning to run on a very special race, Wings for Life World Run  this year. As we never skipped the race since 2014, this year we plan to train, run and sweat together for the race and for sure run for those who can’t!

Before moving to the details of the program we would like to highlight a few things regarding our target runs:

  • There is Catcher Car instead of Finish Line. Runners and wheelchair competitors, from beginners to elite athletes, race side by side to stay ahead of the Catcher Car, chasing them from behind.
  • The race starts in 34 locations Worldwide at the same time and in Turkey we run in İzmir at 2pm.
  • Wings for Life has a single mission: to find a cure for spinal cord injury. Everyone in the Wings for Life World Run is running for those who can’t.

As RUNDAMENTAL, most of the runners from the crew run in İzmir this year, so we decided to train together with all the runners who would like to join us on this journey. We planned 8-week program including time-tageted running sessions to enhance your training program. The aim will be to race with yourself and time during the sessions and Cross the Line Together!

It is neccessary to have run the session target time beforehand is the only precondition for runners.

You can also find your element to determine your tempo.

Fire (Red) : 4’30” – 5’00”
Air (Yellow) : 5’00” – 5’30”
Water (Blue) : 5’30 – 6’00”
Earth (Green) : 6’00 – 6’30”

You can improve your tempo within 8 weeks by simply joining to the WFL sessions that will be announced at the beginning of each week.

​If you want to run with RUNDAMENTAL team on May 8 in Izmir, please download Selfie App to your smartphone first and join the team RUNDAMENTAL among teams.

 iOS and Android versions of the application are available and free.

Then feel free to join our running sessions every week. Just an exciting reminder that we have quiet nice surprises for the runners who reach their target during the session and share a photo with #RDMwflWR #CrossTheLine hashtags.

iPhone Screenshot 1

ps. Please follow the steps below to join our team via WFL Selfie App.



Thank you,

Running for Those Who Can’t!

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Good People Run Together!

This is the motto of the Rundamental İstanbul team and just like last year, they will be supporting Wings for Life World Run in 2016.

Rundamental Ekibi

Rundamental Ekibi

The team members ran in various Wings for Life World Run locations last year, including Switzerland, Austria, Australia and Spain. They will be joining the run full force this year and they want to inspire more people to join the run. And to make that happen, they will start an 8 week training programme from March 16 till May 4.

Follow them on Twitter and get more details.